Come and enjoy the competition to see who is the highest, furthest, and fastest leaping dog!

Keystone DockDogs is the leading promoter of the fastest growing canine sport in central Pennsylvania. We are an affiliate club of DockDogs®. DockDogs® is the governing and sanctioning body of BIG AIR®, EXTREME VERTICAL®, and SPEED RETRIEVE™
Big Air is the long jump equivalent for canine athletes. At speeds over 20mph these dogs catapult themselves off the end of a 40 foot dock into a body of water to retrieve their favorite toy. Jump distance is measured from the end of the dock to where the base of the dog’s tail breaks the water. The current world record is 28’10".
Extreme Vertical is a high jump contest. Man’s best friend launches upward, nearly seven feet in the air, to quench his instinctual desire to play fetch in its extremist form. Rather than clearing a cross bar like in track and field, the dogs knock down a Flappy, which is suspended over the water, eight feet out from the end of the dock. The current world record is 7’10".
Speed Retrieve tests canine quickness. Dogs are lined up at the twenty-foot mark on the dock. Handlers release their dog on the start command. Dogs then run, jump and swim to the end of the pool to retrieve a Flappy. The quickest dog to detach the Flappy wins.

Friday June 16                                        Saturday June 17                                  Sunday June 18 

Big Air Wave #1     12:00pm                   Big Air Wave #5               9:00am         Big Air Wave #10           9:00am

Big Air Wave #2       2:00pm                   Big Air Wave #6             11:00am         Big Air Wave #11         11:00am

Big Air Wave #3       4:00pm                   Big Air Wave #7               1:00pm         Speed Retrieve #12       1:00pm

Big Air Wave #4       6:00pm                   Big Air Wave #8               3:00pm                  

                                                               Extreme Vertical #9          5:30pm

source: http://www.keystonedockdogs.com/


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