History of the Codorus Blast Festival in the Park


Did you know that the Codorus Blast started as an Earth Day celebration organized by the park staff? This was done to highlight activities pertinent to the park. Gradually over time the organizers changed, days were added, and activities changed. The one constant was the fact that people came to Codorus State Park to have a wonderful time. 
The original choice for the celebration was Earth Day, a Saturday in April; this changed to May, for better weather, then finally to the current weekend in June, beginning early in 2002. The Codorus Summer Blast (original name)was first held on a Saturday, later Friday night was added, and finally the event grew to include Sunday, which has continued to this day.
In 2001, Larry Rohrbaugh and Andy Alwine, of Scuba Team 49 of Penn Township, organized a one day event sponsored by WARM 103. The next year the sponsorship included WSBA. Music was a large part of the event, although 50 crafters and exhibitors also were there. Over the years sponsors changed, activities were added/subtracted, fireworks were added in 2002, and in 2007, the Friends of Codorus State Park, having been organized the previous year, began their involvement with the "Blast". In 2013, the Friends of Codorus State Park took over the primary sponsorship and organization of the Codorus Blast.
The first "Blast", organized by the park staff, was to showcase all the park has to offer; to give people a wonderful day in a state park setting. However, due to its commercial sponsorship, the event became just that, more and more commercial. This coming year, the goal for the Friends of Codorus State Park is to bring the "Blast" back to its mission of promoting recreational and educational activities at Codorus State Park. The event will return to its roots, so to speak, and give attendees a wonderful time at a state park!


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